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Thank you for choosing Blessed Hands Studio Home of the knotless. My name is Trina, your Licensed Braider specializing in Knotless braids of all kind, affordable, less sit time, all hair included in each service. I'm shop based servicing clients in Las Vegas NV. 

Please read all policies and procedures before booking!

Policies and Procedures

​Here at Blessed Hands I'm fond of my clients, and want to make sure everyone feels at home and safe in our friendly Hair Salon.


Listed below are a few basic policies to make sure everyone who walks through our doors is aware of our guidelines and takes precaution to ensure quality and excellence. 


Additional Guest. Clients may not bring additional guests to an appointment. ​


WASHED AND DRY: Hair must be washed and blown out free of all chemicals and oils or service will be canceled.

Styles: Listed are the only styles I provide. If booking freestyle tribal + knotless you may send inspo picture from instagram.


NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT:All booking services have a non-refundable fee. No rescheduling of any appointment as I don't have room for rescheduling unless you are a returning client and you reach-out to me 48 hours prior to your appointment, at that time I will find the next available date for you to reschedule.


Hair: Hair must be 3 to 4 inches long. Hair included for all styles. Please don't forget to leave hair color desired in message box at check out.  At no time do I allow the client to bring hair as all hair is provided.


Tucking: Tucking services is not provided.

Touch-ups: Touch ups must be booked before leaving the salon.

Bohemian: Curls are not added to the nape due to tangling. 

Parting: Parting only consist of square parting with knotless.

Mixing Hair: Mixing hair is not an option.

Booking: Once booked service can not be changed to a different style please book the correct style as all styles have different hours listed and I can not accommodate changes due to a busy schedule and inventory.

Contact: Once booked email address and phone number will be provide to address any concerns you may have regarding a upcoming appointment.   

Updates: Updates are posted on instagram. Please do not reach out regarding available appointments as those messages fill my inbox. 

Rescheduling: After booking three times on the booking site you will have the option to book your next appointment, after your appointment before leaving the salon. Clients can book up to 6 months in advance this strategy allows clients to stay in rotation and skip a few months to allow hair to breathe, also allows room for new clients to book. Please note, if rescheduling please reach out 48 hours prior to your service (preferably a weeks notice being this appointment was made at last visit.) I will then find the next available appointment.

Late arrivals: 15 min late appointment will be cancelled or size of braids will be changed due to schedule. Please reach-out and inform me if your running behind. Clients arriving late more then two times for their 6am appointment will have to book the afternoon appointment going forward.

Mid Backs: Please ensuse your hair is not mid back when booking mid back as it's hard to seal the ends. Mid back- middle of the back or bra strap.

​PHOTOS, VIDEO AND RECORDING: All services will be monitored and recorded. If booking with Trina at blessed hands studio you give your full consent to any pictures taking or any videos recorded of yourself that may be posted on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. ​

I look forward to servicing you all and hope to see you soon!

All Hair is provided

Below is the hair color I provide for all services, client may not bring hair to appointment.

Colors provided for all styles are listed below.

Human hair is listed below for all services from wet and wavy to raw human hair. Please read descriptions when booking. 

 Please leave in the notes when checking out what hair color you would like for your service being: 1, 1B, 4, 27, and 30 if color is not listed please reach out to me with your request. Request are not guaranteed. For all ombre color please type 1B/27 or 4/30/27 

Payments Accepted 


3481 E. Sunset Rd. Suite 105 

Las Vegas NV, 89120

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